Divorce & Financial Planning Specialists

With more than 42 years of professional experience, Lyn Perry really knows how to work with people

She has the ability to simplify complex concepts and stay neutral with key parties in a divorce.  She has run her own practice for the past seven years concentrating on  Family Law; litigation support or collaborative law assignments.  In her role as a financial consultant, she provides counsel and their clients with financial expertise in determining income, quantifying assets and liabilities and presenting viable options for restructuring the family finances going forward.  Utilizing specialized software and her professional accounting practice skills, she can deliver clear, concise reports to assist with the divorce process.

Prior to embarking into the divorce specialty, Lyn was an accountant in public practice beginning in 1970 as a junior and ending as a partner and associate of KPMG, Chartered Accountants, Penticton.  During those 35 years, her practice was centered on small business clients, in particular high income and net worth professionals. She used her accounting and income tax skills to provide extensive financial planning and wealth creation.

Currently, she is an associate with KNV Chartered Accountants of Vancouver and Kelowna whose specialists (U.S. and Canadian income tax specialists, chartered business valuators, and others),  she brings in when required.


Lyn Perry is a Certified General Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Specialist who brings a wealth of financial knowledge and compassion to individuals and their legal counsel during the stressful divorce process.  As well, she continues to advise clients regarding retirement planning or any other major change in a person’s financial life. 

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